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Varde Ovne has an extensive range of accessories for our wood-burning stoves, such as wood baskets, tool sets and glass floor panels.


Varde Ovne and the environment

Using wood as a heat source means staying in close contact with nature. Chopping down a tree and stacking the wood to allow it to dry. Bringing the logs into your living room, lighting up your stove and enjoying the heat that permeates the room. This is a truly valuable way of exploiting nature’s gifts. And this is why we at VARDE have always been devoted to utilising our natural resources with care and respect.

All VARDE stoves are CO2 neutral and highly efficient. The wood has absorbed as much CO2 in its natural environment as it grew as it emits when burned in a VARDE stove. This means that you are not contributing to global warming when you use a VARDE stove.

Use of the Internet produces large quantities of CO2 due to power consumption. Not only do the servers that host websites consume power, but so do Internet users (computers, monitors, modem etc.).

VARDE cares about the climate and the environment and we have therefore decided that the use of our website should be CO2 neutral.

This initiative involves large and small companies from all industries, working together to make the traffic on their websites CO2 neutral. 

The scheme is managed by, which neutralises the CO2 emission from both the websites and the users of the websites by implementing measurable reductions in CO2 output. These reductions include setting up new renewable energy sources such as wind turbines, and participating in certified CO2-reducing projects.

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