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Varde Ovne has an extensive range of accessories for our wood-burning stoves, such as wood baskets, tool sets and glass floor panels.

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Problems with combustion



Smoke enters the room:

Not enough draught in the chimney.

Inspect the smoke pipe or the chimney for blockage.

Clean the inside of the stove removing soot from the upper vermiculite / smoke plate.

Make sure the height of the chimney is correct.

The glass or the chimney soot up:

The wood is too moist.

Not enough secondary air is applied to the combustion process.

You may have shut off the supply of primary air too early when lighting up the stove.

There always have to be clear flames in the combustion chamber.

The heat is emitted from the stove:

The wood is too moist (all energy goes into drying it) or of a poor quality.

Inspect the position of the smoke plate and make sure there is free passage for the smoke.

Combustion is too intense:

Gaskets in the door or the ash-pan are no longer tight and need replacement.

The chimney draught is too strong - apply a draught control.

The shaking grate is stuck:

Inspect the grate for jammed wood, nails or the like.

Make sure the lever is placed correctly.