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Varde Ovne has an extensive range of accessories for our wood-burning stoves, such as wood baskets, tool sets and glass floor panels.

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Stove care and maintenance

We recommend the use of firelighter cubes.

Emptying ash/cleaning
Remove ash from the stove when the layer of ash at the bottom of the stove is too deep. To remove the ash, shake the grille with a brisk movement so that the ash falls into the drawer. Make sure the stove is cold before starting to clean. Never use water on a wood-burning stove.

Blackened glass
For easy removal of soot from the glass window, use VARDE glass cleaner.

The door seal
If the door is no longer airtight, this is a sign that the seal is worn out and should be replaced. Begin by removing the old seal and any remaining glue with a screwdriver or similar.
Fit the new seal by applying the glue and then gently pressing the seal together, pushing it in toward the door.

Stove heating plates
The yellow vermiculite plates inside the stove should be replaced when cracks larger than 0.5 cm develop. This is easy to do. Replacement plates are available in sets or as full-size sheets.