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Varde Ovne has an extensive range of accessories for our wood-burning stoves, such as wood baskets, tool sets and glass floor panels.


Chimney components

We have a wide range of standard chimney components and special elements.

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Transitions are available in 4 sizes:
R1: Ø136/155 mm
R2: Ø118/155 mm
R3: Ø104/155 mm
R4: Ø102/157 mm


Fireplace piping

Ø150 fireplace piping/extension tubes are available
in lengths from 25 cm to 300 cm.

Start section

Chimney section Ø250 mm with start is the transition from bare to insulated.

Available in 40 cm and 90 cm.

Supplied with clamp

Chimney sections

Ø250 mm insulated chimney sections are available as:
33 cm, 50 cm, 100 cm

Because of overlap, the effective construction length is 5 cm shorter

Supplied with clamp


Ø250 mm bends are available in 15°, 30° and 45°.

Used to divert the chimney, e.g. round rafters.


T-section with cleaning port Ø250 mm.

Used when installation is routed through wall/rearward installation and when chimneys are more than 1.5 m above the roof, where the chimney sweep needs to be able to clean externally.

Supplied with clamp



Clamp Ø250 mm for insulated element

Ceiling routing

Ceiling routing is typically used for felted roofs with no easy access to the rafters, as it is installed from below. We have routing holders to fit Ø250 mm pipes.

Ceiling collars

Ceiling collars are available as single or two-component items.

Complete ceiling collar with gasket 0-10°
Complete ceiling collar 46-50°

Two-component ceiling collar 10-35°
Two-component ceiling collar 30-45°

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Rafter routing

Rafter routing holder 0-50° for Ø250 mm pipes

Roof routing

Two-leg roof routing holder 0-50° for Ø250 mm pipes

Roof cladding

Our lead-free Ø250 mm flex cladding for fibre cement roofs are available as 5-32°, 33-45° and 46-55°.

Aluminium cladding Ø250 mm for flat roofs (roof felt or slate) is available in 0-5°, 5-32°, 33-45° and 46-55°.

Roof ridge covers are a non-stock item and are made to order.

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Under-roof collars

Under-roof collars 0-50°

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Damp seal – collar

Damp seal collar Ø250 mm should be used if the installation is to be pressure tested.

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Insulation tube cup

40 mm insulation tube cup Ø250 mm – used to insulate right up to the chimney.

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Chimney top

Standard Ø250 mm hood – to be removed when cleaning.

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Wind-rotational cap

We stock wind-rotational caps which make it easier to sweep the chimney and prevent rain ingress, as the aperture is shielded from the side.

Fits Ø250 mm.

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Chimney top for rotating caps

Chimney top for rotating caps

Wall brackets

Wall bracket 3-21 cm
Wall bracket extension 21-41 cm (pair)
Wall bracket 6-19 cm
wall bracket extension 19-40 cm
For external chimneys Ø250 mm

Wall bracket

Wall bracket 6-19 cm
Wall bracket extension 19-40 cm

Start section for chimney in masonry

3 X 58 cm, H: 29/35 cm