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Varde Ovne has an extensive range of accessories for our wood-burning stoves, such as wood baskets, tool sets and glass floor panels.

Wood Burning Stove Varde Lincoln

Varde Lincoln

The curved glass of the VARDE Lincoln stove reinforces the dynamic play of the fire's flames and even with no fire burning in the stove, it stands as a beautiful sculpture in the room. There is room for firewood of up to 35 cm in length. The fire chamber is ergonomically correctly placed, allowing easy access to operation and cleaning.

Technical data

7 kW ≈ 60-160 m2
Combustion efficiency: 80%
Energy category: A+
Flue gas data: 335°C at 20°C, 12 Pa.
External dimensions (H×W×D): 100×51×45 cm
fire chamber (H×W×D): 44×44×36 cm
Firewood length: 35 cm
Weight: 104 kg 
Smoke outlet diameter: Ø15 cm.
Rear edge to centre of smoke outlet: 19.7 cm
Installation height top: 99 cm
Installation height rear: 88 cm
Distance to non-combustible: 5-10 cm (recommended)
Distance to combustible: Rear = 20 cm Sides = 103 cm

Varde Ovne reserves the right to alter dimensions etc., which may affect installation.

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Extra accessories:
Cast iron top cover Ø19.5 cm – for use in rearward installations
Tube set for external air supply Ø8 cm, length 200-250 cm – aluminium flex tube

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